Raspberry Pi Powerline Evaluation Kit

Powerline Evaluation Kit based on the famous Raspberry Pi.

Powerline Evaluation Kit based on the famous Raspberry Pi

This bundle is ideal to start a custom development for the Internet of things: it combines the power and the eco-system of the Raspberry Pi with our ready-to-use evaluation board for Homeplug Green PHY based powerline communication.

It allows to rapidly turn a Raspberry Pi into a device connected via powerline to the LAN and/or internet in situations where Wifi and wired-LAN is not available.

This kit contains the latest Raspberry Pi 3, our PLC Stamp micro EVB, a power supply and all required cables to connect both boards. To get started quickly, the kit also contains a micro SD card, and a powerline wall-plug adapter is included to bridge the powerline network to the existing LAN.

The intention of this kit is to give your (software) developers an early-bird platform: during your own hardware development which is e.g. based on Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Compute Module and our PLC stamp mini 2 or PLC stamp micro 2, your software engineers already have a fully functional hardware platform based on the “bigger brother” Raspberry Pi 3. Since it uses the same operation system, same drivers etc. the final switch to your own hardware can’t be easier.

Kit content:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi 3
  • 1 official Raspberry Pi 3 power supply
  • 1 PLC Stamp micro 2 EVB
  • 1 USB cable for power supply
  • 1 Micro SD card (including SD card adapter)
  • 1 40-to-26-pin ribbon cable
  • 1 power cord for mains connection
  • 1 wallplug powerline adapter
  • 2 Ethernet cables
  • printed documentation

The Linux SPI driver for the Green PHY chip QCA 7000 is open source and integrated in the mainline kernel since Linux 3.18.

Support for PLC Stamp micro EVB is included in Raspbian Jessie since summer 2016. It just needs a few steps to activate.

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Raspbery Pi Powerline Evaluation Kit
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Raspbery Pi Powerline Evaluation Kit
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