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Welcome to the world of powerline communication and ISO 15118!

in-tech smart charging specializes in products for powerline communication - from single communication modules to ready-to-use devices. Our powerline products are used in electric vehicles and charging stations, for building automation and in a vast variety of other use-cases.

Our solutions enable you to rapidly implement powerline technology in your own systems.

Ready-to-use powerline devices for electric vehicle charging and building automation
Powerline modules

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with more than 20 years of background in powerline communication
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Our products are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany and shipped all over the world

Product categories

Electric vehicle communication

Ready-to-use charge controllers for charging stations and electric vehicles

Charging station communication

Market-proven ready-to-use charge controllers

Powerline communication modules

Modules for broadband powerline communication

Evaluation tools

Development kits and evaluation tools

Electric vehicle

Our Charge Control product series consists of charge controllers for both DC and AC charging stations. Charge Control products are available as ready-to-use devices including a software stack, complying with the most recent standards.

Planning to develop your own charging station or electric vehicle? Our development kits enable you to create your custom ISO 15118 compliant solution!